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Agrima Exim

Buyer Privacy Policy

  • You need to registered with us by Signing Up with agrimaexim.com
  • After successful registration, SIGNIN to access all Services.
  • Find Product and click Order Product.
  • Fill all necessary details to complete the order.

We accept Bank to Bank, Net banking, Debit Card, and PayPal. For your protection, we screen orders for potential fraud. Please ensure that your billing address matches that of your payment method to avoid delays in order processing.

Yes. Go to Services Drop down menu, click on My Order and you will get all Product that you have order and their Status.

  • Waiting For Payment - Your order has been place successfully but waiting for Payment confirmation.
  • Track order – Your Order has Been Place successfully now you can Track your order. Tracking is of 7 stages: Order Place, In Packaging, Local Transport, Reach At Source Port, In Shipping, Reach At Destination, and Ready to Handover
  • Delivered - Your order has been delivered.
  • Canceled - Your order has been canceled, and your credit card or PayPal account has not been charged.
  • Refunded - Your order has been refunded. Your credit card or PayPal account has been fully refunded.
  • Exchanged - Your order has been fully or partially exchanged.
  • Can I make changes or cancel my order before it ships? We may be able to if your order still shows as "Processing" status.
    Our order fulfillment and shipping systems are designed to get orders on their way quickly and efficiently. Once the order has been sent to our warehouse for processing, neither you nor our customer service staff can change it. If your order status says anything other than "Processing," it can no longer be changed or canceled. You can contact us at support@agrimaexim.com if you have questions on this topic.

    We have a policy for the minimum order size, depending on products minimum order policy is different. We have apply minimum order for each product, you will get information when you enquired about product. Generally Minimum order is 1 container but this minimum order size is different depending upon product
    We reserve the right to increase or decrease quantities to meet our minimum pack size requirements.

    • Customs fees (taxes, duties, processing fees, brokerages fees, etc.) may be charged upon delivery and required to obtain your order.
    • These fees are NOT included in your shipping charges, We are not able to mark orders as "gifts."
    • We do not issue any refunds for customs fees, shipping, or the cost of your order should you refuse to pay the customs fees.
    • Agrima Exim has no way of estimating customs fees, taxes, duties, etc. Please contact your local customs office if you need to know more.

    We welcome all customers from around the world. International Standard Shipping is available for all orders.

    • International orders shipped using Standard Shipping may take up to 2-6 weeks for delivery; tracking is available. Please note that orders shipped via Standard Shipping cannot be rerouted after shipment.
    • We do our best to ensure your delivery arrives on time. However, delivery dates are not guaranteed, and there may be a number of unforeseen reasons why your items will arrive after the estimated arrival date.

    Currently we are accepting only Bank to Bank payment.
    For Bank to Bank Payment follow steps:

    • 100% advance payment.
    • Download and Save your Proforma Invoice.
    • Go to Your Bank
    • Make Payment
    • Collect your Transaction Id and Swift copy.
    • Login our Agrima Exim account
      • Go to profile
      • Click on My order
      • You can see your Order Details, click on Payment Confirmation.
      • Fill all the detail of Payment and attach your swift copy.
      • Submit your details.
    • After getting confirmation from bank that payment of your order, we will process your order.
    • Buyer need to mail us at business@agrimaexim.com with subject start with “Return”.
    • The mail should be send within 24hr from the time buyer received there shipment.
    • E-mail should be attached with trade document as well as the video of unboxing or un packaging of shipment covering damage product from all angle.
    • In E-mail body properly mention the reason of return.
    • If buyer received goods/product is physically damage.
    • If buyer received different goods/product than what he has order.
    • If buyer received different quality of goods/product than what he has order.
    • If buyer received different quantity of goods/product than what he has order.

    We will endeavor to respond to your Return Request within 2 days from the date of receipt of your Return Request. If we require any further information or clarification from your end, we will call you on the phone number/mobile number with which you have registered on the Platform. After your document and video inspection we pre-approved buyer request of return. In pre-approved our logistic partner will pick damage/faulty goods/product from your shop/ designated pick-up location. Once we receive the Return Pickup it is inspected by our inspection team and if we found your claim is valid we approve your return request.

    Once we have pre-approved your Return Request, wherever applicable, our logistics partner will visit your shop/ designated pick-up location to pick-up the Product to be returned. The process of sending the return products back to the seller is called as the ‘return pickup’. You are requested to keep the receipt provided to you by our logistics partner at the time of pick-up of the Products until the entire process of returns is not completed. Depending on the category of the Products, we may refund only a partial amount of the value of the Order. The amount of such refund shall be communicated to you at the time of approving your Return Request.

    Your Return Request may have been rejected because of following reasons:

    • supportive documents are insufficient, or you are unable to provide sufficient proof in support of your claim.
    • Return Request was not initiated within the Timelines mentioned in the Returns and Replacement Policy.
    • you do not respond to the inquiry calls and/or calls made by us to procure missing documentation and information from your end; and/or
    • You misuse the Platform basis our deciding criteria or are found to be in non-compliance of the Terms and policies applicable to you.

    Your Return Request may have been rejected because of following reasons:

    • We take 2-5 working days to pick-up the Products from your shop/ your designated pick-up location, once your Return Request is pre-approved. There will be maximum of 2 attempts by us within the aforesaid timeline. The Return Request will automatically get cancelled if in case the item is not handed over to our logistics partner even after making a maximum of 2 attempts to pick-up the Products.
    • For every unsuccessful pick-up, our representative will call you, in case you have some genuine issue you can ask him/her to reschedule the pick-up to avoid cancellation.
    • The category of the Products and the pick-up locations may be changed or modified by us and the same will be communicated to you from time to time.

    Upon approval of your Return Request and depending upon the mode of payment for your transaction, we will immediately initiate a refund, via the Platform, within forty-eight (48) banking hours:

    • From the date of approval of your Return Request, where, Product(s) are not required to be returned for pick-up by us; or
    • From the time of successful approved the received (Return Pickup) of the Products from your shop/ designated pick-up location for physical inspection.

    Once our logistic partner received Return pickup, you agree and undertake that we will not be responsible and liable for any wrong/incorrect bank account details that may be provided to us by you or taken by us from the Platform.

    Agrima Exim is a leading online platform for the manufacturer to trade with International Market. Register with Agrima Exim as Vendor or Manufacturer to sell your product with us Online. Our export team is working hard to get a customer for you. We aim to increase export activity in India. Registering with Agrima Exim is easy and free. You just need to register and leave all hard work from finding a customer and cracking deals to Agrima Exim.
    If you are exporter and troubling finding customers then you are at the right place we will give your business wings to fly. We have a professional connection all over the world that makes us more prominent in this field of Import Export. Registering with Agrima Exim that can make 200% hikes to your business growth. We give the best price of your product as per the international market and guaranty of payment. Register now to improve your chances of selling.

    Registering with Agrima Exim is easy and free. You just need to fill the Vendor/Manufacturer registration form. It takes about less than 15 minutes to register. Before clicking on the following link, be ready with all trading document Image copy, Company Bank Details.

    Click here to register as manufacturer or vendor.